Thursday, February 02, 2006

Deliver me from LL Bean

Yesterday I saw the art of seduction in process and progress.
There was a man on the subway who was talking to himself, and I thought hmmm, well whatever. Lots of crazy people on the subway. (speaking of which Mr. Zanta Clause is a part of this story).
So anyways, I was sitting next to an attractive middle aged woman, tall, blond, stylish. Who at first I thought was a man becuase she was so tall and had larger than average features. But my final conclusion was that she is indeed a woman, whether or not she was born that way is another question.
Anyways, so dude is still talking to himself and Zanta is on the train and at Runnymede he gets off and yells and dude walks over to the door to look at him, and then he leans in and starts talking to the woman. And I realise that what he was doing before when he was talking to himself was preparing what he was going to say. He was so well rehearsed and very engaging. I have to admit I was impressed by it. And as the train moved on closer to my stop the two were getting a long very well. And I have to admit that although I found him creepy, that he and the lady were quite engaged in each other. Good for them.
So I must admit that if you pay attention you can see the most amazing things happen. I have no idea if these two will end up together or if their time is just going to be as brief as that subway ride, but still it was amazing to see two people connect in such a fashion. Gave me faith in the human race once more.


At Friday, 03 February, 2006, Blogger St. Dickeybird said...

That's great!
I love seeing things like that.

At Friday, 03 February, 2006, Blogger emily said...

that's cool. I am soooo not in to strangers talking to me (hence why I am usually plugged into my MP3 player).


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