Friday, February 03, 2006

If everyone knows the lyrics to the song but me

Yesterday I attended the Ontario Library Association annual conference. It was an all right time as far as conferences go.
My favourite part was the speaker on graphic novels and their place in the library world and the academic world. He did such a good presentation looking at the history of the comic and the graphic novel in North America. And he discussed how the comic has been considered a lesser art form in the world of literature and how know that the academic world is starting to evolve that the graphic novel is becoming one of those art forms that transcends genres. It is a book, a comic, a statement, and a piece of art all at the same time.
He also discussed how we read a graphic novel or comic book and how that in and of itself is a completely different but intuitive experience.
It was an excellent presentation.
The rest of the conference blew.
And I am in a bad mood today.
Do not mess with me mothers!


At Friday, 03 February, 2006, Blogger emily said...

I think my bad mood has been transferred over to you - I'm sorry!

Glad that presentation was good, though. It does sound like it would have been interesting.


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