Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hot Firemen

Well today I did something that I never ever thought I would do.
I did a fire drill at my branch.
It was nerve wracking.
First you have to call all these people in the system to let them know you are doing it, then you have to call the fire station so that they are aware that it is going on. And you have to call the local security company so that they know that you are doing this.
Then I had to assign places in the library for staff members to make sure were clear.
Then you have to warn everyone in the library.
Then you have to do the alarm.
Its LOUD!!!!!
Then I had to come back into the building all by myself to reset the alarm, which you have to do with a screwdriver - yes that is right a screwdriver! I almost broke it while I was doing it.
Then you have to reset all of the codes for the security system.
Then call everyone you called at the beginning to inform them that the drill is over.
And I did it.
Aren't you all proud of me?


At Thursday, 10 November, 2005, Blogger epicurist said...

That was truly very butch of you.

P.S. I finally found your blog!

At Thursday, 10 November, 2005, Blogger emily said...

We were supposed to have a fire drill at work today, but it was postponed. Our fire drills are annoying, though, because no one ever wants to leave, and because I'm the deputy warden for our floor, I'm the second last person to leave, and if it was a real fire, I'd totally be DEAD! Bastards.


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