Friday, November 04, 2005

The number one wet blanket

I had my first grade three class today.
Sheesh, those kids wiped me out.
They would not sit still, they kept talking, they were behaving like kids in grade three. Who do they think they are?
It was my first class visit so I should probably be nicer to myself. (since that has been my decision as of late to have some fine wine and be nicer to me) But those kids are just nutso! I think it was a good visit but they tired me out.
The best part was after I showed them how to do a library search for book, title and author I then sent them on a scavenger hunt. And of course since almost none of them were paying attention none of them could find anything so I spent the whole time helping each group, and there was one group who were to shy to ask for my help so they only found one item. I felt bad so at the end i helped them to find 3 more so they would not look shabby when I announced who won.
All in all I think it was pretty decent.
And . . . the teacher was really hot! Really hot! And he wears Calvin Klein underwear. So yeah. It was worth it even for the eye candy (well it was more than that, but working with someone who was that good looking did not hinder the process). But it was also worth it just to find out how to do my next program.


At Monday, 07 November, 2005, Blogger St. Dickeybird said...

How do you know he wears CK's?
'splain please.

At Tuesday, 08 November, 2005, Blogger No one asked us said...

I know he wears CK's cause I was checking him out and he was bending over to pick up a book and shirt rode up and his pants rode down. It was quite a titillating moment for a boring old librarian like me. I wish I could say it was for dirtier reasons. Sigh.


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