Friday, December 23, 2005

Turn your head and cough

I have to have a physical.
The kind where the doctor pokes and prods you and sticks fingers into inappropriate areas that I usually only let people I know much better into.
But what can you do?
I have not had a physical exam in so many years that I can not remember when it last was. So I have to have one.
Am I gonna like this?

In other news I love my bed. Love it, I am getting some of the best sleep I can recall, it is so much better then a rock hard 7 year old futon mattress. I want to marry my bed. Marry it I tells ya!

And yeah. The cats are good too!

So other than that nothing I really want to post out loud.


At Thursday, 29 December, 2005, Blogger mainja said...

mmmm. new bed. new bed good.

i am pretty sure that the prodding, and even the turning your head and coughing, doesn't happen until you're much older. like, maybe 45 or so.

unlike pap's that happen as soon as you are sexually active, they don't start checking your prostrate until later. and the turn your head and cough hernia check, also older i think, unless you think you have a hernia.

good luck at your physical.

and did i mention yay for cats?!? and yay for new bed!

i love you and send you many hugs and kisses.


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