Monday, November 13, 2006

I cry and no one can hear in hell

This is another little vent about Thursday night.
But I have to say the another thing that really bothered me about the incident (and I had thought about this before Snooze pointed it out) was how the public there dealt with it.
They ignored it.
No one really seemed at all phased by the situation (except for the staff of whom none live in the area) and kept going on like nothing was out of the ordinairy. They still wanted their computers, they still wanted to ask questions, no one really took the time to think about what had happened and that it was being normalized.
I was especially annoyed with the patrons who could not respect the police line tape. The incident took place next to the videos so that entire area was quarantined to both protect the integrity of the crime scene and to stop people from going near the blood or broken glass.
But did that stop anyone? Not really.
I was completely offended by the patrons and their desire to take out videos and DVD's (not that I don't realize how popular these item are) and that they would attempt to go over or under the police tape in their attempts to just grab one or two, or as one patrons said "I just want to look for a second" - like somehow the time that they spent on searching would mean that they would not hurt themselves or ruin a clue or something.
I was infuriated that these people could not wait one night until the police had finished their investigation, but I guess since historically the police don't do much in that area, why would the populace care about their jobs?


At Tuesday, 14 November, 2006, Blogger Timmy said...

I had to get that copy of the third season of Facts of was an emergency...sorry.


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