Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I lost my fifteen minutes

Today I am being videotaped in interview for a giller shortlisted book.
The book is Carol Windley's "Home Schooling" and well I just finished reading it and it was pretty fucking good.
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However I know have to think of clever thngs to say about it and discuss it in a way that is both intellecual and appealing to the public so that they will want to read it (and when I say want to read it I mean that they will come take it out of the library, not go and buy their own copy). At least it was a good collection of short stories with lots of fodder for thoughts and ideas. I am very happy I was not given a book I detested as I would still have to go and talk about why one should choose this book and why it was nominated for the Giller award. (which for those of you who don't follow Canadian literature is a BIG deal for both the author and the publisher who win - it can make or break a persons career and the financial year for that publisher)
The very cool thing about this years Giller is that all the nominated texts are all from independent publishers. This has never happeneded before. Much like the Oscars the Giller is always fraught with authors and publishers who are of the very mainstream, so this time it's being all independent publishers is very exciting and shows a change in the literary trends for Canada and it also reflects that readers want more control over what they are reading and don't want to read what a publishing house assumes will be a big seller.
So wish me luck on my interview and I will let you know when it is posted on the TPL website so you can watch me talk about this book and try to sell it to the public.


At Thursday, 19 October, 2006, Blogger emily said...

I heart indie publishers.


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