Friday, June 16, 2006

Kiki = censorship

I have major issues with Kiki.
It bothers me greatly that this woman exists and that she feels that she is allowed to reign terror on people that as far as I know, she does not know.
It brings up many issues for me.
I was reading all her comments last night on Mainja's blog and well, to be perfectly frank, Kiki depresses me. And she depresses me for many reasons.
First off is the fact that she is attacking my friend. That is in no way cool or acceptable.
And secondly is the fact that she is so blatant about it and seems to get such great pleasure out of her behaviour and the fact that she gets such extreme reactions from all of us who are regular readers of said musings.
And thirdly is the fact that she brings up issues of censorship for me. I am now afraid to write about myself or my life in any personal way as I fear that Kiki, or someone Kikiesque will appear and decide that they have the right to reign terror on my words, my thoughts, my life. The fact that Kiki believes that she has a right to add commentary to a world that she is not a part of really fatigues and scares me. It is very Orwellian in a sense that this unknown figure is attempting to facilitate change in a world that she does not really belong or have a right to make the kind of judgements and assumptions that she consistantly makes.
It bothers me that there is someone out there judging me and making decisions about me without knowing the whole package.
Part of the problem is that blogs bring us closer together, while inherently keeping us apart. There is also the aspect that I can pick and choose what I share and how it is presented, but this does not stop someone from reading it differently than i wrote it. It worries me that someone could be gathering info about me and making judgement calls.
This reminds me very much of when the anonymous individual last year declared that what I was doing on the blog was wrong by discussing my past and making references to people that they clearly knew. But the only reason they knew them was the fact that they are involved in my circle of friends. It irritated me that the person was self rightous enough to threaten me to get rid of the entries or they would disclose that I had done this, but that they were cowardly enough to do so anonymously. It shook me up as to who was reading my writing and what they were doing with that information.
Does it make it fair for them to censor what I say by threatening me with full disclosure? And it was at a difficult time in my life when there had been a death in my family and I was just not willing to try to fight who this person was. But it bugs me that I let them have so much power, but in all honesty I was afraid of any repercussions on myself. Having now taken a legal librarian ship course I am aware that there was nothing they could have done to me - legally. It was not slander, I used no ones full name, address, or personal description. But it worried me what would be done with the information on a personal level - it could be an attack, or it could have been nothing.
As an information professional I am well aware of the power of information and how people can use and abuse it.
I hate that Kiki has this much power, but what can I do? This is the system we live in and this is my honest reaction.


At Friday, 16 June, 2006, Blogger mainja said...

it's interesting to read this. one of the things that frustrates me about kiki is that she drags other people into her attacks, this is an example of this that i didn't think of.

but i do understand about the self-censoring piece. there are things that i think about writing then i think twice because i know she'll have a hay-day with them. i have decided to try and avoid that kind of thinking because i don't want to give her the satisfaction of having that much power over me. one of my posts last night was about routines and me falling out of them, and i thought twice about writing it because it mentioned what i was eating and what my exercise level is (or is not) right now, and i didn't want to give her fuel. then i decided fuck her, i was going to write what i wanted and just ignore what she says.

she's an odd bird, it's strange to me that there are people out there who get off on causing a rukous (sp?).

i for one am happy to read whatever you have to say, and i certainly lay no judgement at the feet of your words, and i would gladly kick the shit out of anyone who tried to...


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