Friday, May 19, 2006

the edge of nowhere

Today has been a strange day for my interactions with men.
It all started when some guy from the gym said "Good morning" to me on the street. It caught me off guard. I managed to barely eek out a reply but I did it and I think he heard me say it.
Then next I accidentally held open the door for my arch nemesis at the gym and he actually seemed really nice.
I have developed a hatred of a gym goer when one day he thought I could not hear him and he made a comment to two of his friends stating that I had not signed up for the machine I was on. So? BFD! No one else signs up for any of the machines. He is the only one, most of the names on the erase boards have been there since the dawn of time (which is last Sept 2005 whenI joined the Y, in case any of you were wondering).
Then I am back at work on the reference desk in Soc and Rec and one of the Admin assitants comes over to chat with me. And he asks me how I am, and I reply that I am feeling wonky. He asks why, I just simply state that I am going off some medication and it is giving me withdrawl.
He then tells me he is jonesing for some pot. I sort of laugh and then he lets me know that he has a great dealer and can hook me up. At this point it made me a little uncomfortable. I have no problems with drugs or in doing them (within moderation) but it does bug me a little when I co-worker I barely know is trying to hook me up. He then proceeds to ask me if I know of anyone who can get schrooms. At this point I changed the conversation to how old he is as I don't really want to have anyone in the library overhearing this conversation. Maybe he is allowed to talk like that on the "manager side" of the building, but on the library side I know it is frowned upon.
Men, I have a hard time relating to them. It is a part of the problem, and I realised that I find it so much easier to talk with women. Mainly because I don't want to sleep with them, but also because I am just so much more comfortable with them. They usually don't ask me for drug connections.


At Friday, 19 May, 2006, Blogger angel, jr. said...

I don't really like most of the idiots at the gym. I don't know, something about hard core gym idiots bug me.
As for wonker asking you about drugs, WTF? That isn't ethical at work. I would have been a little weary and wondered if it was just management trying to set me up for a fall.

At Friday, 19 May, 2006, Blogger emily said...

I was TOTALLY trying to get you to hook me up with your drug connections this afternoon, but APPARENTLY I was too SUBTLE in my approach because you didn't pick up on it AT ALL!

Or not. Whatever. That is such a bizarre conversation for a co-worker who barely knows you to try and have with you.


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