Saturday, May 13, 2006

Dawson's Crack

Last weekend I had a couple over that I am good friends with. In fact one half of the couple was the first guy I had dated in University, amazingly he and I are still friends.
This couple is very big into porn. They really like their porn. They are aficiando's of the gay porn realm. The two of them were incredibly smitten with this new film that they had seen called "Dawson's 50 load weekend". They would not stop talking about it. They said it was amazing, that it was sexy and awesome and something that I just had to see.
So I downloaded it.
And I watched it.
Well I watched parts of it.
I sort of fast forwarded back and forth to see things.
I did not find this movie sexy at all.
I found it rather appalling.
How on earth did this movie even get made?
First off this movie is very amateurish, which is fine, because I think that they have done it on purpose.
And the film stars their stock actor named Dawson. Now according to this film and to the publicity surrounding it (yes I am such a librarian) that the star is insatiable and can not get enough.
Fascinating stuff.
The actors are all attractive and the action seems genuine and not faked or forced like other films.
However I found the action degrading. The film starts with Dawson have 20 different men's sperm funneled into his ass. This starts off his 50 load weekend. Personally I think this is cheating and I think its gross.
Then he gets fucked or ejaculated on by 30 other guys. Strange if you ask me. Most of these men just treat Dawson like a piece of meat. Okay, maybe Dawson is okay with this, or maybe this is suposed to be a turn on for the viewer and it all means nothing, but in my opinion I found it embarassing. And not only was I embarassed to watch it I was embarassed to find myself getting turned on by it. It was a strangely humbling and erotic experience all at the same time.
But then I made a startling realization, the action was all bareback. Now for those of you not familiar with the term, it does not mean riding on a horse with no saddle. It means without the use of any protection. No condom, no nothing.
So our hero Dawson had the sperm of 50 men in or on him.
This concerns me about STD and STI transmission.
What are the makers of this film or the actors doing to ensure that their actors are not passing on any infections? And Dawson? What on earth would possess him to do this? Even if everyone involved in this film had testing, there is still the possibility that something did not show and was passed on.
I realize that this film is meant to be erotic, but I can not help but critically analyzing it and wondering what sort of comment it is making about what turns us on and about socially responsible behaviours.


At Saturday, 13 May, 2006, Blogger angel, jr. said...

Call me a prude or old-fashion, but I don't really find porn all that "sexy". It's mainly acting and some of it, especially some of what you have described, is gross and degrading.
This guy should have known better than to just go bareback, it's a scary world out there.
I don't know if they should have used the word insatiable or insane to describe him.

At Saturday, 13 May, 2006, Blogger myroski said...

Ok I saw this movie too. There are a few guys in there who have the uncomfortably familiar physical look of the aids or hiv ravaged body and face. So knowing that, you are watching a man either being infected before your very eyes or you know you are watching someone who is already infected getting reinfected. That took the usual safe fantasy of porn away and made me feel ill for a few days.

At Sunday, 13 July, 2008, Blogger teamrookie said...

I happened upon this film after hooking up with a guy online. Dawson was very attractive but the movie was very disturbing, it made me feel dirty just to watch it--what little I watched. The funneling scene was just gross, wrong, It didn't get better after that. The health concerns, and the obvious sick nature of some participants--I felt sad for Dawson. I played very safe with the hookup.


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