Thursday, December 07, 2006

Getting to know me, getting to know all about me (again and again cause I am bored at work)

Me from A - Z
Accent – San Fransisco
Booze of choice – Red wine, prefer Merlot
Chore I hate – Farm chores – never doing them again
Dog or cat -- have 2 cats, want dog someday
Essential electronics – coputer, tv, dvd player, I-pod
Favorite cologne – Atomic Cocktale
Gold or silver? -- Silver
Hometown -- Warsaw, ON
Insomnia? – Only when I have too much to think about
Job title – Children and Youth Services Librarian
Kids – adore em for the most part
Living arrangement – alone with two cats and some fish
Most admired trait – too many to name
Number of sexual partners – none of your business
Overnight hospital stays -- none
Phobias – dying alone
Quote -- "drugs are bad, don’t do them”
Religion – The cult of Donna
Siblings – 2 older sisters
Time I wake up – Depends on the day
Unusual talent – I dunno
Vegetable I refuse to eat – Squash – bleh!
Worst habit – Eat way too much
X-rays – Stomach and lungs
Yummy foods I make – Pasta, cookies, brownies, SHF pie, pretty much anything really
Zodiac sign -- Saggie


At Thursday, 07 December, 2006, Blogger graymama said...

My Hubby hates squash, too.

At Friday, 08 December, 2006, Blogger Timmy said...

I feel like I know you so much better now! Happy FRiday!


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