Friday, July 21, 2006

Drama on route 41E (E for express)

En route today to the Rexdale library there was great drama on the bus.
The passengers were all fine. No freak outs.
It was the bus driver.
First she could not get her seat the way she wanted it.
We stopped twice just so she could adjust it.
Then the thing that pushed her over the edge . . .
The back doors would not open
and the bus driver she would just not let it go.
There was only about 7 of us on the bus but she was determined that the backdoors were gonna open. So everytime we had to stop to let someone off she would go back and fidget with it. Kick it, yell at it, you name it.
Then she stopped the bus to call someone on her cell phone.
We then had to shut down the bus and restart it just to see if she could reset the bus's . . . whatever.
Nothing worked.
She was not happy.
But her lipstick still looked great.


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