Friday, July 07, 2006

That made me want to vomit

The hallway in my building smells awful.
It started to stink yesterday morning.
I was leaving for the gym at 6:00 yesterday morning, when I got back an hour later is smelled even worse. I wanted to hurl.
By the time I left for work at 8:15 it was even worse.
I had to light incense in my apartment when I got home just to make it tolerable within my apartment.
I can not even begin to describe this smell, it is like overcooked cabbage and really really strong pan asian food.
It is horrible.
I feel sorry for my cats.
If it smells this bad to me, then it must smell even worse for them.


At Friday, 07 July, 2006, Blogger mainja said...

have you mentioned it to the supers?

At Saturday, 08 July, 2006, Blogger emily said...

I second Mainja's suggestion. Bad smells are no fun.

At Monday, 10 July, 2006, Blogger Heather said...

I third that. How did my old neighbours end up in your building?

At Monday, 10 July, 2006, Blogger No one asked us said...

The smell is gone. IT is all good. It is not a dead body as far as I know.

At Monday, 10 July, 2006, Blogger St. Dickeybird said...

Your super seems to be the kind of guy that would fix or find the smell quickly.
Hopefully it wasn't a decomposing neighbour.

At Wednesday, 12 July, 2006, Blogger epicurist said...

Maybe it's a dead body.

At Wednesday, 12 July, 2006, Blogger epicurist said...

crap...I just read the comments. Maybe, its a dead animal stuck in the vents.


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