Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Switch me on, turn me up

I love the cats!
I do, they are so precious. They do also drive me crazy at night time cause that seems to be when they are awake and up and about. But yesterday I left them alone in the apartment for the whole day and they did not make a mess or eat anything vegetative that was not intended for them. I am very proud of my little guys.
So in other realms of my life, dude from the gym who I talked to smiled and said Hi to me today and he checked me out, so now I have to go and talk him again, dammit!

And at my training yesterday I met all the other male childrens librarians and it seems that most of them are gay and the two who talked to me hit on me. (the other one must be in a relationship ;) )Soooooo that was flattering and exciting. And Diane B and I hung out last night with the kitties and ordered chinese food in and had a delightful time. So that was nice.

And I am doing so well at my job that my supervisor is taking me to the branch head meeting today. How cool is that? I get to meet them all and they can hear how good I am doing and then they will all want to hire me. So how much fun is that?

Have a delightful day!


At Wednesday, 07 December, 2005, Blogger Norton said...

You've gotta love cats.

And hurrah -you are a success!

At Wednesday, 07 December, 2005, Blogger emily said...

Yay cats!

Yay for awesome Camcam the librarian!

At Thursday, 08 December, 2005, Blogger St. Dickeybird said...

Wow, sounds like things are going great!
Post pics of your pussies.
And not "dammit" about Gymdude, 'Yay'.


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