Monday, August 14, 2006

They are just eye candy and milk glands

I had date number 2 with cancer scientist.
I have no idea what is going on.
We have decent communication but nothing else has really occurred.
I did however find out that he is not as boring or "normal" as I thought. He does drugs, talks about sex, and can be dirty when he feels comfortable.
Last night we had dinner and watched Inside Man, and during the movie he kept pointing out which women in the film had large breats.
This confounds me.
I remember a guy who I sort of dated back in the G-spot who was absolutely obsessed with womens breasts. He would stare at my drinking buddies breasts all the time, and I do have to admit that they are large - but as a gay man should his interests not lie elsewhere?
It got to the point with him talking to her breasts that one night at the bar, he came up to her and asked her breasts how she was. So she got down on her knees and asked his crotch how he was doing. He got the message after that.
So cancer scientist and I bonded over the size of my female friends breasts.

So yeah. . . I have no idea what is happening. But we have scheduled date number 3.


At Monday, 14 August, 2006, Blogger mainja said...

excellent, good to know that we can bond over something if i ever meet him...

At Tuesday, 15 August, 2006, Blogger St. Dickeybird said...

A lot of gay men have a breast fascination.
I don't understand it either, but Normlr's Q gives Wifezilla's boobs more attention than I do!


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