Saturday, April 08, 2006

Couldn't I have a yeast infection instead?

I have strep throat.
Yeah for me.
I have had a cold and laryngitis for almost a month now and as I am getting over that I go and catch strep throat.
Why am I so lucky?
And of course I catch it on my first day at a new job, so that I feel like dying. But I refuse to be the person who calls in sick on their first day of work. I just flat out refuse that nonsense. But I felt awful yesterday so I went home early.
I did get some anti-biotics from my Doctor and they seem to be doing the trick but out of all the side-effects I could get why did I have to be struck down with the plague of mouth sores.
You heard me right. There are sores covering most of the top of my tongue, my gums are sore, and the roof of my mouth has sores on it, not to mention one right on my lip. This sucks. Eating hurts, brushing my teeth hurts, flossing makes me want to cry and all of this so that I can get over strep throat. It had better fucking be worth it. One of the other common side effects is a yeast infection. I have never had one but I have the feeling that it could not be as painful as this, but I could be wrong. And the sores on my tongue make food taste like nothing. So not only is my mouth in lots of pain, but food tastes blah and salt makes it hurt and it is painful to eat anything that is the least bit firm. I had toast this morning and it made me want to scream in angry pain.
I feel like I have done some evil action against God and he/she/it is reigning down the plague of mouth sores to get back at me for smiting God. I just which I knew what I had done so I could make good and sure to not do it again.
And the thought of kissing someone is beyond my brain capabilities as I bet that would really fucking hurt.


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